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Free Antivirus Software Reviews are intended to help you in finding suitable antivirus programs and free antivirus downloads. Our professionals have made a thorough analysis of the most popular free antivirus and security software, investigating its strengths and weaknesses. Here you will receive information about running of antivirus software, its performance, and effectiveness, installation and removal processes, compatibility with other PC programs and more. We’ve tried to provide you with qualitative guidance, save your time and supply with the most current information. You will be able to download the most popular antivirus programs absolutely for free. Compare its features and make your own solution.
Free Antivirus Download

Free Antivirus Software

Looking for reliable protection you should know that commercial antivirus software is not always a must. Free antivirus programs can be good enough too. Find more information about the best available free antivirus software.

Free Online Virus Scan

Check your files online with special antivirus applications. The online scanners may become very helpful if your current antivirus is disabled or can’t provide you with enough protection. Perform scanning in Safe Mode with the most popular online security programs like BitDefender, TrendMicro, Panda, and other antivirus software.

Free Trojan Removers

If your computer is permanently damaged by Trojan, Trojan horses and other malware that constantly attack your computer you definitely need a good Antimalware and Trojan remover devices. We found several good tools for you that can be downloaded absolutely for free.

Free Adware/Spyware Removers

When your PC suffers from spyware it really needs a good antispyware tool. We chose from many devices several tools that seem to be helpful. Try new free versions of SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot S&D, Arovax Shield, etc. Choose the one that will perfectly suit your computer.

Free Antivirus for Android

Let’s discuss antivirus apps for Android to be more informed about how to protect our devices from various viruses and malware and be sure of our data protection. Antivirus apps surely differ from each other in some way. Every application provides something unique and inimitable. Having narrower or wider range of features, they all are intended to provide a certain level of security. Undoubtedly, the common thing among all antivirus apps is their scan feature. Hereinafter we are going to concentrate on their functionality as well as on their interfaces.

Free Antivirus for Mobile

Complexity and sophistication of modern technology in PC, Laptop, and mobile make us be aware of potential threats and insecurity of our devices. If you want to leave all your worries behind, antivirus software for mobile phone will be a great choice. There exist many types of antiviruses, that will help you to protect your device from various viruses and malware, and keep it in a good condition. A wide range of free antivirus software gives you the ability to choose the most comprehensive one.

Free Firewall

When you decide to protect your computer with a firewall you should make a right choice. It should perfectly suit your system and defend it against unwanted intrusions. We’ve found several firewalls that meet all necessary requirements and can be installed absolutely for free.

Free Rootkit Removers

When a virus gets into your PC it attempts to spread and damage your system. Rootkits like to penetrate in registry entries, different files, and processes. This kind of infection is very difficult to detect. Today you can find a lot of anti-rootkits programs. You don’t need to have perfect technical skills. We chose for you the best free versions.

Free Spam Filters

To have a spam filter means to reduce the amount of undesirable email, trash and spam in your email box. There are several free filters that will allow you to keep your email box clean.

Free Advanced Spam Filters

Spam filters with the Bayesian statistical approach surpass all expectations. They are considered to be better than most of the other filters. They check your email box thoroughly and are less disposed to define your normal mail as spam. Bayesian filters are dedicated for experienced users.

Free HIPS (Host Intrusion Protection Software)

Besides antivirus programs there exist comprehensive utilities that offer additional protection to your personal machine. Various types of free tools will help you to defend the system against specific malware such as rootkits, spyware and other malicious software. Download these programs for free and provide your computer with advanced security.

Free Antivirus for MAC

Many Mac users are not aware of the fact that their systems need and have to be protected against viruses and malware that may infect them. Most of the users attempt nothing to ensure the security of their Mac. Mac malware can keep your Mac safe and protect from emerging threats. With the increasing popularity of Mac computers, the number of various viruses and spyware are getting increased by the day. And there appeared more reasons for virus developers to write malicious code. More and more viruses are emerging every day, and you should know how to protect your Mac operating system, your Mac computer, and its devices.

Free Antivirus for Linux

Having a Linux system it is also necessary to keep your PC clean and healthy. Specially created antivirus software is intended to guard your machine against the most popular malware. The one-time scan will clean your system and will provide with permanent protection.

Best Antivirus Software
We try to provide relevant information on best antivirus software to help you to make a right decision. Here you will find a detailed comparison of the most popular antivirus and security software.

Antivirus Software Comparison

Antivirus software protects your computer from malicious software. Feel free while web surfing, downloading files and using USB flash drive. Keep your data safe. Find the most detailed description of security programs

Best Antivirus Software

If you are interested in full-time security for your PC you definitely need to have the best antivirus software. Find the most detailed review of the major antivirus programs. Select the one that suits you best!

Antivirus for Mobile

Nowadays, most of us know that to protect their laptops and home computers from viruses, worms, and Trojans is the necessity. But to protect your mobile devices is not less important. Mobile devices are also subject to problems identical with those that can appear on your laptop or PC. The vulnerability of your mobile phone may cause consequences much more pernicious. Protect your identity and sensitive data and do not let your important information to fall into the wrong hands.

A PC virus is possibly the best recognized and most risky threat to PC security. Just like a natural virus, a PC virus connects itself to a healthy PC. With above 1000 different types of viruses, there are various different components of the PC they could attack.
The most ordinary symptoms that identify your PC has been infected:
• Data and files are removed
• the PC takes time to load applications/programs
• images and items on your monitor are disfigured and odd images and text emerges
• strange noises resided in your keyboard or hard disk
• hard disk functions markedly or is out-of-the-way
• filenames/ disk spaces alter for no cause
• system tools like Scandisk return wrong values
You must always seek the following:
• Install the anti-virus software.
• Maintain your anti-virus software advanced.
• Install a private firewall
• Make use of Windows / Linux/ Apple updates to bit security gaps.
• Don’t open email messages which look suspicious
• Don’t click on email accessories you were not anticipating
The most excellent way to keep you against viruses is to purchase a fine anti-virus software package and keep installing the latest updates. These packages might not at all times keep you against the newest virus, yet present the most excellent solution possible.
Listed below are the most common kinds of viruses
Polymorphic Viruses is an encrypted virus that conceals itself from anti-virus by an encrypted data and after that decrypts itself to be capable to extend throughout the PC.
Stealth Viruses conceals the alterations made to files as well as boot records through adjusting and forging the outcomes of terms to functions, so programs consider they are reading the new file and not the modified one.
Slow Viruses are a complicated virus to detect because of the fact it just alters and infects files once they have been copied or modified. So the original file would not be infected by the authentic copied file. An excellent means to keep you against slow viruses is through utilizing a veracity checker or shield.
Retro Viruses hits the anti-virus software intended to delete it. It is typically trying to attack the anti-virus files like the virus name store which hinders the capability of the anti-virus software to spot and remove viruses. Or else the retrovirus tries to modify the process of the anti-virus software.
Multipartite Viruses tries to attack as well as infect both the executable files and boot sector simultaneously.
Armored Viruses tries to keep itself from anti-virus software by undertaking to make anti-virus software consider it is situated somewhere else. So, the armored virus has completed itself more complicated to trace, disassemble as well as recognize.
Companion Viruses makes a cohort file for each executable file that the virus infects. So a companion virus might store itself as and every time a user accomplishes scandisk.exe, the PC would load and so infect the system.
Phage Viruses is an extremely critical virus that re-writes the executable program with its own code, rather than just connecting itself to the file. Thus a Phage virus would typically attempt to obliterate or destroy each program it infects.
Revisiting Viruses is a worm virus and tries to duplicate itself within the PCs memory as well as then copy itself to one more linked PC utilizing TCP/IP protocols. in the late 1980’s, the Morris Worm virus was the first main virus risk to strike the Internet.

Antivirus Software Identification Methods
Antivirus software can use several ways or, better to say, methods for identifying any malware. To these Identification Methods, the following belong:
Signature-Based Detection belongs to the most ordinary method. It allows the antivirus software to identify different malware by comparing the contents of a file searched to a dictionary or a blacklist of virus signatures. The method provides the entire file searching in pieces, not as a whole only. It is because viruses have an opportunity to ‘take their roots’ in existing files.
Heuristic-based Detection. The heuristic method gives a possibility to come to an optimal solution as quickly as possible. This method belongs to the malicious activity detection and can also be used to identify unknown viruses.
File Emulation is regarded as a heuristic approach. The method involves executing a program in a virtual word and logging what actions the program performs. In accordance with the actions logged, the antivirus software can determine the program on being malicious and after that carry out the appropriate disinfection actions.
Rootkit Detection. The method is aimed at rootkits scanning and removing of the operating system.
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